Mission Statement

Awakening at home is dedicated to supporting the spiritual growth of families through meditation and other practices. While we are grounded in Buddhist thought and practice, we honor and draw on all Wisdom traditions to further positive family life.


About Jacqueline

Jacqueline Kramer has been studying and practicing meditation and Buddhism for over 45 years. Her root teacher is Annagarika Dhamma Dinna who taught in the Sri Lankan tradition. She also studied with Ven. Ananda Maitreya, Achan Sobin Namto, Ven. Punnaji Mahathera and Ayya Khema, and John Tarrant, Roshi. She became a licensed Religious Science Practitioner through the Center for Spiritual Living.

After 3 years of Buddhist practice Jacqueline married and became pregnant. She applied what she was learning from Buddhism to pregnancy, birthing, mothering and homemaking and found that her practice deepened and her mothering and homemaking were becoming more joyful. Inspired to share these insights with other moms, Jacqueline wrote Buddha Mom-the Path of Mindful Mothering”. 

After the release of Buddha Mom Jacqueline began receiving correspondence from readers from around the world asking her to teach. In response to these requests Jacqueline developed a number of online classes on subjects such as creating a home meditation practice and everyday spiritual practices. In 2008 Jacqueline received the Outstanding Women in Buddhism Award for her work teaching Buddhism to mothers.  

She is the director of the non-profit Hearth Foundation, created to house these classes. 

Jacqueline also offers one on one support for those wanting to cultivate their home practice.