Gatha Writing Workshop

When do you lose perspective? At what point in your day does your mind race out of control? When do you become fearful and grasping or just spaced out? Gatha is a Sanskrit word meaning song or verse. These delightful little poems are designed to help us become centered when we loose perspective, space out or feel out of whack. During challenging times we can use gathas to calm ourselves down and tap into a more awakened reality. During calm times we can use gathas to deepen our capacity to enjoy being where we are. In this workshop we will create our own unique gathas for the times in the day we most need to remember the take a beat.

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Home Meditation Workshop

This 8 week workshop will support you in setting up a home meditation practice. Beauty, nature and making space in our home can help us remember to practice and why we practice. We will also offer ways to invite children to join us. Guided meditations will be included.

Coming soon!